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himanshu suri

Howdy Folks,

HS is for bloggers, internet geeks and analytics lovers. Here is what you will find at HS:

  • Digital marketing tips for startup’s and business’s.
  • How-to guides and videos for improving domain knowledge, increase sales and traffic.
  • The site is not limited to tech, music, travel. It is for anyone and everyone that has a website or a blog.
  • Guides on how to earn online from your blog or website.

Hello from Himanshu (That is me!),

I have been into the digital world since over 5 years now and have been an author, strategist and trainer with companies and as a freelancer.

I started exploring the world of digital marketing since my college days and not to mention I am a B -Tech guy who started with search engine optimization and then went onto exploring the world of HTML, CSS by creating static and dynamic websites. One of my first website was Times24by7.com.

From there, I went onto work with many clients from India and abroad as a freelancer. In the past 4 years, I have worked with different companies, niches to grab a hold of how search and strategies differ.

This blog is all about “Search Engine Optimization” “Content Marketing” “Social Media Marketing” with the sole intent of getting business’s online.