Customer Acquisition Strategy – Techniques to Win New Customers

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Getting new customers on-board is always a challenge. If you are running a website that has more returning visitors as compared to new visitors, then you have landed up at the correct place. Today, we will walk you through some of the best techniques to acquire new customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Hacks

For those of you who don’t know what CRO is,

Conversion Rate Optimization refers to a technique of converting the passive website visitors to active users by letting them engage with your content  or by purchasing the product.

conversion rate optimization

Get the passive website visitors to know about you first, and engage them by offering free samples, e-books etc and then push the paddle on the conversion. A brilliant case to cite here,

Neil Patel’s Hello Bar started off with asking the website URL so that more and more people add their website and start using the tool. Once people added their website they were asked for details to complete the sign up process. This helped Neil increase the sign up percentage to a whopping 52%.

HS Essentials

    • Give options to login from Social Media
    • Try using the word “Log in” instead of “Sign-up”, why? Many people hate the word Sign-up (case study shared)
    • Use Psychological marketing, see example below where the website smartly embeds its high end product at checkout,

customer acquisition marketing

Personalize the Experience

Personalizing the user experience online is one of the toughest part for a webmaster as you need to understand the customer behavior, their preferences and interest. Utilize data from Analytics and social media to understand what your users are looking for and then come up with a solution.

See, example below where Neil Patel offers every user coming from different region with their location i.e. the verbiage changes “if you are visiting from India, it would say “Hey, I’m Neil Patel, I’m determined to make a business in India successful”.  This was another basic example of personalization.

Personalization in marketing

Tripwire Marketing

Tripwire marketing essentially involves turning a lead into a customer by offering him an irresistible offer which cannot be refused.

In order to create a tripwire, you need to understand what kind of problems your user may have so that you can offer him a solution at an irresistible price. Companies offering (5 e-books at $10) to entice you into their subscription program are brilliant examples of tripwire marketing.

HS Essentials

  • Survey your people to understand what people really want – Ask them “What is one problem I can help you solve” Use free tools like
  • Look at affiliate networks to see what’s working
  • Offer should really irresistible, ideally not more than $47
  • Offer your high end product at checkout, why? (according to a case study, at least 30% of buy your high end product)

Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets is an irresistible offer dedicated to giving your user some valuable information (usually free) in exchange of their contact information. Few examples below,

lead magnets examplelead magnets


Tools to Create Lead Magnets

  • Hello Bar
  • Click Funnels / Lead Pages
  • Bounce Exchange

HS Essentials

  • Ask for “Yes” or “No” question first; You will be able to generate 20% more leads
  • Use Survey Monkey and ask them “What can I help you with”
  • Use Buzz Sumo to see what’s trending in your industry

The Game of SEO Backlinks

Links are like votes, the more you have the higher you will rank.  Wait, did we just say any backlinks, NO! It should be from authority sites, so that you gain the right value.

In order to start better, understand how your competitors are ranking, using the tools below:

Competition Analysis Tool


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