Google Penguin 4 Update: Now a Part of Core Algorithm

Google Penguin 4.0 Real Time Update

For those of you who are reading about Google Penguin for the first time, here is what Google Penguin is all about,

Google Penguin is an algorithm that was developed in April 2012 to identify websites that have been trying to spam the search results by buying links or obtaining them through various link networks available.

Google Penguin Updates: Recap

Serial Algorithm Date
1 Google Penguin 1.0 April 24, 2012
2 Google Penguin 1.1 May 26, 2012
3 Google Penguin 1.2 October 5, 2012
4 Google Penguin 2.0 May 22, 2013
5 Google Penguin 2.1 Oct. 4, 2013
6 Google Penguin 3.0 October 17, 2014


Google Penguin 4 Goes Real Time

After almost waiting for 2 years, Google officially announced on 23rd September 2016 that Google Penguin will now be a part of there core algorithm which means Google Penguin will be more real time.

  • You won’t have to wait for another refresh in case you have been penalized and trying to recover after making considerable improvements.
  • Based on Spam signals, it will now devalue your rankings, rather than affecting the entire website.
  • Google Penguin 4.0 has been rolled out for the entire universe, not for specific regions like other updates.
  • As soon as a re-crawl and re-index of the page happens, you will get to know the changes/results i.e real time updates.

How to Identify Spam Signals

Moz has always been to the rescue when it comes to free analysis tools. The first and one of the most accurate DA, PA checker and of lately the Spam Score checker have been developed by Moz and followed worldwide.

For checking the spam score of a website/page, you simply need to move to, create an account and enter your URL in the OSE toolbar. You will be able to see the spam score right there on the dashboard, the lower the spam score, the better the health of your website.

Frequently asked Questions on Penguin 4.0

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