Google Penguin Recoveries have Started – Did you recover?

google penguin algorithm

As soon as you hear the name of Google Penguin, the first thought that comes to mind is “Have I recovered?”.

With Google Penguin 4.0 real time update that was rolled out on 23rd September 2016, Google officially stated that the algorithm will now be real time and results would be quicker.

Google Penguin 4.0 Recovery

The term real time for Google Penguin ideally means that now you won’t have to wait for another refresh, if you have been doing the right thing – removing all toxic links etc; chances are that you can recover in the very next recrawl that happens on your website.

Gary Illyes who is the Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google has confirmed that Penguin recoveries have started rolling now, and will be finished within the next few days.

penguin recoveries

Also, keep in mind if you have been focussing on just removing the toxic links in the past 2 years and there has been no work done on acquiring new links, you may just be back in rankings but not on your old position.

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