Google Algorithm Updates and SEO Changes in 2017

Google seo changes 2017

The pioneer in search market – Google, has a repository of algorithms, which are being updated in real time and over the time. Since the user behavior is evolving, so are the search techniques, Google and other search engines bring improvements and refreshments to satisfy the customer needs.

The SEO world is one small world which directly depends on these algorithmic updates and has to stay updated in order to keep the meter running. Google search algorithms have evolved over the time and updates like Penguin are now so real time that even the smallest of black hat techniques can now be figured out and blacklisted.

SEO folks, also know as the webmasters need to keep an eye of these SEO updates and roll outs so that the right precaution and preventive measures be taken in order to keep the site healthy. Today, we will walk you through the top SEO updates that are going to impact the marketers in 2017.

Top 5 SEO Updates and Algorithm Changes in 2017

1. Google Hummingbird

google hummingbird seo update 2017

Google Hummingbird was rolled in September 2013 with the sole intent of understanding the user’s query. Before Google Hummingbird, google crawlers could only fetch results from breaking down a phrase into keywords and then searching through billions of pages for that particular keyword.

Hummingbird brought in a massive change in the search algorithms and understood the meaning of the entire phrase to give users more relevant results. This SEO update impacted more than 4% of business’s worldwide.

2. Google Panda

google panda updateIn February 2011, Google rolled out Panda update in order to catch hold of sites using duplicate or thin content on their websites. This SEO update brought a massive change in the world of marketers as this was a site-wide update meaning you could get your entire site penalized in case you were relying on plagiarized content.

Google Panda was considered to be one of the major SEO updates as it rolled out from time-time which resulted in many sites getting penalized and a chance of recovery to the sites which were penalized earlier.

3. Google Penguin

real time google penguin update

Google introduced Penguin SEO update in April 2012 to catch hold of websites that were spamming the search results using black hat techniques. Before 2012, the SEO world heavily relied on quantity rather quality and that”s where webmasters took the advantage.

Buying links was one of the most commonly used technique, spamming through comments on bloggers was considered to be a trend, and using tools was a good practice. All of such activities took a hit back when Google introduced one of its finest updates named Penguin.

Disavow tool and contacting webmasters was done at a rapid pace to remove all such toxic links from search engines so that the webmasters could recover their websites.

New SEO Updates in Google Penguin in 2017

  • Penguin went onto become a real time algorithmic update meaning every negative action will have an equal and opposite reaction. 😉
  • Penguin updates are known to hit more than 3% of search queries world wide after the above change.

4. Google Pigeon

google pigeon updateThe Google Pigeon update was rolled out in July 2014 to improve the local search results. With so many updates on the web search, Google went onto improve the location and distance parameters to feed users with accurate results.

This SEO update helped many local business’s come up in SERP’s and also improve the rankings on Google maps. Business’s with wrong information and link spamming took a hit back and more than 1.2% of such business’s were hit.


5. Google Mobile Friendly Update

mobile friendly google update

The Google Mobile Friendly update aka Mobilegeddon was released in April 2015 to boost mobile friendly pages on the website. Lots of up’s and down’s were observed in the mobile search results as sites that were not mobile optimized or responsive in nature took the hit on the keyword rankings.

Webmasters were notified through Google Search Console formally known as Google Webmaster to update their website to prevent the hit. Google also paved way to the mobile friendly tool through which you can easily test out your site and see the issues.

Once you get a hold of each algorithm, your next step should be to set alerts and subscribe to industry giants and SEO experts like Brian Dean, Neil Patel, HS and many more to set the right path for your business.

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