How to Drive a 4x Reduction in Cost per Lead Using Lead Ads from Facebook

facebook lead ads

Yes, you heard us right, you can lower down your cost to as low as 4 times to what you are spending right now! How? Facebook’s new update, Lead Ads gives you the answer, here’s how..

With technology in place, people expect everything from there mobiles, from a simple call to messaging and driving applications – mobile does it all. A survey conducted at the end of the year 2015 highlighted that more than 73% of people now use mobiles for accessing social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. which brings business’s to think on how to capture users on mobile – Lead Ads is the answer.

Lead Ads on Facebook

Lead Ads were introduced in June 2015 with the sole intent of capturing users on mobile devices. Since, people have moved from bigger screens to tablets and mobiles, Facebook came up with the beta version which was put to test in June 2015 and finally released for advertisers in October 2015. Now that we are in 2016, Facebook has added additional features and made the Lead Ads available everywhere so that signing up for business’s becomes more easier.

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Should I use Lead Ads?

Yes! Lead Ads on Facebook help many type of businesses connect with users interested in their products. If you are a service based company you should invest in Lead Ads without a second thought. A bookstore promoting its books on pre-sale, and an automobile company encouraging users to get quote on car are some of the best examples for Lead Ads.

For one of my clients from the real estate niche, I was able to drive more leads as compared to the other link ad campaigns simply by connecting with people who wanted more information on the different properties listed.

The highlight of Lead Ads is that people do not have to fill in the complete form. Facebook uses the data that user has shared on Facebook and fills in fields like name, email address, phone number so that user is left with just 2 options, tick, tack and hit submit, its DONE! Its’s that simple.

How to Set up Lead Ads

Setting up Lead Ads is fairly easy. Simply select your targeting, bidding type, ad creative and customize your form fields. ATTENTION! Before you proceed, you need to have your business’s privacy policy URL to setup the ads.

You can create a Lead Ads campaign in Power Editor or Ads Manager, simply move to one of them and choose “Collect Leads for your Business” as the ad objective and review the TOS and hit agree.

Let us know how did your first campaign go?

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