Google now allows to Submit URLs within Search Results

add url within search

Google, as we all know has been one of the most user friendly and up-to-date search engine available in our digital world. With the recent advancements in AI and Google Suite, Google comes up with a new location for submitting URLs, do you know where? It’s the search results.

Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Land’s editor was one of the first to spot the change where a query like “Submit URL to Google”, “submit URL to search engines”, “URL submit” showcase a box within the search results with a captcha and submit button.

submit url to google

Submitting URLs to Google

The process of submitting URLs to search engine has been known to the SEO world and remains the same with the above feature of submitting URLs within search results.

Simply, enter your URL, hit the checkbox “I’m not a robot” and Submit. Also, note that Google’s new feature doesn’t mean that the URLs will be indexed as soon as they are submitted, the process of reviewing the URLs and indexing remains the same.


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