Top 5 Affordable Web Hosting Services 2016

5 affordable hosting websites

HS brings to you some of the most popular web hosting service providers to make your life easier. With every company offering free domains, unlimited bandwidth, site builder tools and a lot of free ad-on’s we help you make the right decision with giving you a comparison of some of the most used web hosting companies from across the world.

Web Host Pricing Free Domain Up-Time 24/7 Support
top hosting companiesHosts over 1.9 million websites. $2.95 /mo  Yes 99.99%  Available Visit Host
eHostHosts over 300,000 websites. $2.95 /mo  Yes 99.9%  Available Visit Host
ipageHosts over 300,000 websites. $1.99 /mo  Yes 99.999%  Available Visit Host
webcomusHosts over 500,000 websites. $0.50 /mo  Yes 99.9%  Available Visit Host
HostGator_LogoHosts over 1.5 million websites. $4.95 /mo  Yes 100%  Available but only Emails Visit Host


How to Select the Best Hosting Provider

The decision to choose the best web hosting provider has to come up with a well thought plan. You should not approach any and every other hosting company that provides you an affordable web hosting service. Always do your research right and then move on with the plan to purchase the best hosting provider.

Technical Specifications

The first thing that you should have in your plan is, what bandwidth and disk space would you require and the answer comes with the number of pages that you would be adding to the site along with the graphics, and the traffic that you are expecting to generate from the website.

If your website is going to have a lot of pages, i.e. more than 10K pages, you should plan to get an unlimited bandwidth and disk space web hosting service so that you do not experience server connection issues and up time problems.

Considering your website as a small website with the number of pages as low as 50-100, you can opt-in for a specific bandwidth and disk space of 10GB to get going.

After looking at the bandwidth and disk space, consider looking at the platform/OS on which the website would be running i.e. Linux, Windows etc. carefully plan for either of these because you won’t be able to change these later on. After getting through the above 2, make sure that the firewalls, daily backups are all included in the plan as the security features so that your data is always in the safe hands.

Web Hosting Prices

One big mistake that people often commit is that they fall for prices. Never fall for prices, always look at the above features and then make a decision on purchasing the web hosting services. Another great option that people usually miss out on is the discounts that they can avail when purchasing the hosting for a longer duration, consider purchasing it for more than 2 years and see the discount percentage getting increased.

Take your time and do the research properly before making the purchase decision. Good luck!

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  1. InMia

    Web hosting services are just a game. You get the service and then you run for bandwidth bcz your site is down. There should be plans at the basic level as well with unlimited bandwidth.

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