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User Explorer Report in Google Analytics to show Visitor Interactions

user explorer report in ga
Written by Himanshu Suri

On 11th April, Google released its release notes that led to one of the most interesting features in Google Analytics which is “User Explorer” that lets you see very specific interactions of the user across the website.

The User Explorer Report in GA lets you view the anonymized individual interactions for your websites and applications. Using this report you can see the acquisition date, channel and device category of the user along with the number of times he has hit the website.

How to Use User Explorer Report

Another highlight of this reporting feature is that you have 4 filters to choose from, Page View, Goal, Ecommerce and Event, you can select either of them or all of them at once to see the visitor interactions. The feature is now available under the Audience tab in GA and shows the  Anonymous Client ID and User ID as a part of its beta release.

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