3 Easy Ways to Optimize your WordPress Site Speed

optimize wordpress speed

Are you struggling to improve your WordPress site speed? Are your users bouncing off due to high load time? Then this is the time you optimize your WordPress site as no one likes to wait. According to a recent study, more than 40% of users bounce off when the page load time goes up to 3 seconds or more.

Search engine giants like Google factor site speed as one of the most important elements when ranking a website. They recommend having a site speed of 1-1.5s for excellent user experience.

So, here is how you can do some quick workarounds on your WordPress account to improve the site speed.

Optimize WordPress Site Speed

  • Use a WordPress Caching Plugin

The pages developed by WordPress are dynamic in nature i.e. a process runs in the background which handles your query, collects information and shows it to the user. Now imagine, when multiple users visit the website, the same process takes a hit and slows down.

Instead of taking this hit, you can use one of the many caching plugins available for WordPress. We recommend plugins like W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache for improving site speed.

  • Optimize Images for better Results

Images can hurt rather than helping, if you are not optimizing the images on the site. Usually large images are the biggest concern on a website as they take ages to load. While uploading the images directly from your phones, kindly ensure that they are compressed for web.

You can use tools like Lazy Load to load the images above the fold and once the user scrolls down the images start to load. Another great tool available is Kraken.io which is an online application through which you can compress images keeping the quality factor in mind.

  • Reduce on the HTTP Request

Whenever a user visits a website, the browser fetches files types such as the CSS, Images and Javascript codes to render the website. By minimizing such objects on your pages, you can reduce the page load time. Best way out is to use the W3 Total Cache plugin which has the minify seciton which helps in combining such objects into one file.

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